We design user interfaces for applications, systems, websites and video games.

The design process consists of many elements and begins long before the work of a graphic designer.

Our services include

Research & Discovery

The phase during which we discover the needs of customers and users and try to best determine how to implement the project tasks.

Design workshops

Design workshops allow you to quickly extract knowledge from their participants - they are an excellent tool for quickly and precisely determining the needs and goals of project in large teams. We always design our workshops individually for the needs of a given project and client.

Competitive analysis

It is a research method to understand the entire ecosystem of the product, as well as to understand and review the solutions of the competitors. It includes both analysis of data collected by analytical systems as well as user traffic analysis, competition review and design research.

Expert audits

Expert audit is a great choice, if you are planning a project, but are not sure what should be changed or improved. Our service will allow you to difine pros and cons of your software and provide recommendations of subjects to work on.

Usability testing

It is one of the most effective methods of verifying whether the applied solutions are comfortable and understandable for users and whether they translate into the implementation of business goals. Tests allow you to check how real users work within software or website and help defining problems that need to be solved.

Concept & Validation

The phase during which we develop functional concepts and verify them with users.

Prototyping and User Testing

It is always good to check if design assumptions are inline with users requirements. We deliver product prototype that looks as close as possible to final product and test it with real users. Usually not the entire functionality of the product is covered — only the flow for the individual personas that we want to check during the tests.


During wireframing, we develop solutions on how global elements should behave. Wireframing should cover all the functional assumptions of the product developed in the strategy phase so that the UI can be designed without any problems on the basis of the wireframes.

Information Architecture

One of the essential elements of the projects is information architecture - how information is organized and labeled on the website or in the software. It consists of four components: organizing the content into structures, naming, navigation , and search mechanics.

Customer Journey Mapping

Consumer journey is a technique that provides knowledge about customers desires, requirements and way of thinking. It allows to work on whole experience with its issues and elements to improve.

User personas

Personas are fictional characters, which you create based upon your research in order to represent the different user types that might use your service, product, site, or brand in a similar way. Creating personas will help you to understand your users’ needs, experiences, behaviours and goals.

Visual design

The phase during which we create visually, delivering final products ready for use.

UI Interaction & Animation

Animations are an important element of a transparent and useful interface. We try to make animations properly emphasize functionality and support the processes that the user goes through in our projects.

Icons and Illustrations

We develop iconography and design illustrations as a complement to interfaces and visual systems.

Style Guide

We develop style guides for brands and their digital services. These are comprehensive systems enabling a consistent development of services, software and communication while maintaining the purity and clarity of the message.

UI Design

We design interfaces based on the information architecture provided. We create UI in accordance with the pre-developed style corresponding to the needs and visual language of the brand.

Brand identity

Strong brand is huge value for companies and customers. We help to design and develop beautiful and original brand identities that supports clients mission, strategy and values.

Gaming Industry

Our offer for the gaming industry is dedicated services that respond directly to the needs of the market. We provide access to experts in interface design, usability research, interaction design and specialist outsourcing.

Tests with users

Game UI Interaction & Animation

Game UI

UX Design in games

Outsourcing of UX & UI specialists


Jan Komasa


„What matters most is a willingness to understand customers’ needs and design journey that will be the easiest for them. ”

Justyna Kowalski


„What matters most is a willingness to understand customers’ needs and design journey that will be the easiest for them. ”

Adam Małysz


„What matters most is a willingness to understand customers’ needs and design journey that will be the easiest for them. ”


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