“Wieliczka” Salt Mine - most popular Poland’s tourist atraction


To design new website for most popular Poland’s tourist atraction


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„Wieliczka” Salt Mine is one of most valuable culture objects in Europe, part of Unsesco World Heritage. It’s visited by almost 2 mln people every year.

It is a place that for many years was source of power and income for polish monarchy.  


Old website was designed and developed few years ago. It was not supporting current users needs and requirements. Everyday work with the site was hard and confusing for administrators. The site contained hundrends of documents and texts with important information.


• make the site light

• completely new language and style

• new information architecture

• mobile friendly

• fast loading

• stunnign design


We received tons of traffic, research and focus group data. Our team was analyzing those documents for few weeks before starting the project.

We have been also invited to visit and spend time in the mine, to better understand and feel the spirit of this special place.


We have started from designing dedicated workshop to define most important elements of new site. We decided to combine 2-days consumer journey workshop with co-design session. We managed to define key features and requirements as a base for UX design.

Day 1

Workshop took place at „Wieliczka” and over 20 people from different departmets attended.. On the first day client had to step in shoes of his customer and went through designed scenarios.

We used postit cards. Over 400 were filled with suggestions, remarks, ideas and directions.

We have also defined information priorities, that will be available on the site.

Day 2

On the 2nd day we made conclusions and started co-design session of new architecture. Together with client we managed to prepare overall idea of information architecture. We also recommended some key changes in communication language.

Based on wokshops and data research we decided to change the way of presenting the offer.

We have conclued that 90% of Mine's guests are so called individual tourists. They usually visit acompanied by friends and family, but they don't use organized toursism offers.

UX Design

We designed over one hundred different views for desktop and mobile. They were rather high-level, but allowed to plan desired flow and agree on content required on each site. We have also prepared detailed map of the service, that became base for development work.

Final designs

We wanted to impress users. Therefore we used beautiful  pictures and movies of the mine all over the site. Each element of the site had to be connected to the real „Wieliczka”. We decided to use black as main color, with addition of white and mine’s green, that refreshed all views.

Mobile & Desktop

Whole site needed to be easily accessible with any device. That is why we delivered mobile and desktop version for each view, as well as detailed guide for developers that explained functionality of each module.

During work on the project we designed
250+ graphics

Site was launched at the beginning of 2020. Number of users raised 30% in the first month. User spend over 20% more time on the site and bouce rate was reduced by 35%. That's a success!

Check out live version of website here



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