MultiSport mobile app - transformation of a fitness business


To design a mobile application for the largest fitness brand in Eastern Europe


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MultiSport has become the largest fintess brand in Eastern Europe serving over 1.5 million customers every day. Membership in the program entitles you to use over 20,000 objects.


The MultiSport mobile application was to be the first tool for direct communication with program members. Therefore, the project was of strategic importance and had to meet high requirements both within the organization and end users.


• Utility

• Readability

• Convenience

• Data safety

• Compliance with the brand style

• Modernity

Information architecture

We decided that the most important element of the application should be a virtual card. We placed the screen with the card first after logging into the application.

Fast tab-bar navigation

We decided to use the tab-bar as a permantent pinned horizontal navigation. This navigation provides convenient access to the most important functions of the application, such as search engine or favorites.

Other elements are available in the extensive menu. It allows to extend application with new functionalities and keeps user flow clear and friendly.

The reasoning behind designing tab bar navigation was the amount of user data being processed. Tab bar navigation allows for quick access and management of the most important functionalities the application has.

Graphic design

We designed application screens while maintaining consistency with the modern brand image. We tried to emphasize the modern character of MultiSport and its new product using the latest solutions and trends in design. We designed the screens in such a way that they were convenient to use even on very small phones.

Login and onboarding

It's simple and straightforward. User will easily authenticate and get access to main functionalities.

Virtual card function

Virtual card allow users to access every club in program. It also works offline.

MultiSport app is not only the virtual card. There are many other functionalities, helping users get to know MultiSport program better

Search allows to find an object by its attractions, opening time, parking access and many others.

Detailed information provides all required information about the object, detailed map and address contact info, social media profiles. It also allow to add an object to favorites.

100+ screens

The app is quite big one. It already got over 100 screens and still growing. It is available on Adroid and iOS - you can get it in official stores.


During the first month, over 150,000 users downloaded the application. Thanks to the application, program members can enjoy their favorite activities without bringing their physical MultiSport card.

However, the most important effect was the creation of a direct communication channel with participants. The application has become the center of MultiSport activities and the most important digital product. MultiSport is still investing in its development and expanding the offer of services available in the application.

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