Gang Słodziaków 2 app for kids


Designing a new application supporting the Świeżak Gang campaigns


Food, E-commerce, Kids


Gang Słodziaków is one of most popular marketing activities organized by biggest polish retailer - Biedronka. Every year millions of customers take part in the activity.

We were asked to design UX and UI of the application on behalf of Huta 19 Agency. Have a look on what we have prepared!


Children should read as much as possible to learn new words and sentences structure. Therefore, we designed a process in which the child chose the path by analyzing the content he had read earlier. After passing several screens of the "book" we can win one of the mascots after defeating the game.

Story design

Activation itself got their heroes - Słodziaki. They are small toys that you can get as a bonus while doing everyday shopping. The app allows you to get them in virtual world! We proposed a story - hide and seek game with Słodziaki. You need to find them all!


Whole project started with complete architecture design. We have prepared over 200 screens of prototypes and several user flows. We focused on young users since they were our major audience.

Interface & games design

Application contains over 150 unique sceens. It’s quite a lot, isn’t it?

We have designed all UI for both portrait and landscape mode. Since the app was ment to run on all available phones we had to consider different screen ratio - from latest iPhone and Android phones, to old smartphones running 4:3 ratio screens.

App was designed for kids 5-9 years old. What could be the best way to attract them? Games! We designed 12 simple games for our young users. Players have to find their way through labirynths, find words and letters, do puzzles and plant trees.


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